In industry, stable, low-maintenance as well as cost-efficient systems are needed on the way to sustainability. The decisive factor here is the cost per kilogram of hydrogen produced - reliably and over long periods of time. Due to its robust and durable design, pressurized alkaline electrolysis is particularly suitable for supplying industrial operations with high-quality hydrogen. Our basic system delivers high gas quality and a system pressure of up to 30 bar without additional, costly gas cleaning and compression. Ecoclean helps companies on the way to climate neutrality with simultaneous economic efficiency - everywhere!

Industrial companies need large quantities of hydrogen as a raw material for their processes. In the chemical industry in particular, hydrogen is needed to produce fertilizer (ammonia) or to purify fuels by desulfurization. In the future, more and more hydrogen will also be used in steel production to reduce carbon. Not to forget: the production of synthetic fuels. To maintain production, industrial companies need high availability for hydrogen production. This requires not only large and robust electrolysers, but also a secure power supply, combined with appropriate storage to ensure a reliable supply. Redundant systems from the electrolyzer to the compressor ensure that hydrogen is continuously available in sufficient quantities.